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Concerned with the scarcity of learning materials and instructional materials in the classrooms in Africa, First Five Years & Beyond accepts the following developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant materials to aid in adequate education of the African child.  We are mainly focused on children ages birth to 9 years or preschool through 3rd grade.  However, we will accept materials for higher grades as there is an even greater need in higher grades.

Book: Concept board books about colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers, opposites, body parts, tactile, emotions, nursery rhymes, animals, food groups, family, multicultural books, science, social studies, planets, transportation,

Workbooks: Math, Science, English, Literacy, Writing, Coloring etc.

Educational Toys: Puzzles:  Shapes, Animals, Alphabet, Colors, Numbers, blocks, nesting blocks, soft blocks, stacking toys for toddlers, infants, fine motor toys, etc.

Materials: Crayons, pencils, math set, paint, brushes, construction paper, note books, connecting cubes, chalk, dish set, trucks, African American dolls, scissors, play-doh, markers,stamps, art materials, preschool bicycles, Elmer’s glue, glue sticks, science materials, parachutes

Teacher Supplies: Sharpie, masking tape, scotch tape, chalk, dry erase board and markers, chart paper, pencil sharpener (battery powered), etc.