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Lolognta is a preschool program in Fiamah that serves children from low-income families. They run the program from a 3 bed room house that has the capacity of 50 children.  Because of the great need for their services, they have gone over their limits by 40 children. The program currently serves the children one meal and day because of financial constraints. This preschool only requires parents to pay the equivalent of 5.00 U.S. dollars per month and even that is a challenge for families. The greatest need of the school as of now is the ability to expand to where they can afford to have a bathroom on site for the children and staff and a descent dining area.  In order to expand, they need to acquire land that they can build on. There has been an offer from a local company to do the building at no cost only if the preschool can acquire the land and our goal is to help them acquire the land.  In April 2014, we provided the school with supplies and teacher materials for their preschool.