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  • First Five Years & Beyond purpose for existence is to ensure that children from low-income families in Africa get an early and healthy start. FFYB will support Early Learning Programs that serve underprivileged children in Africa.


  • We envision a world where every child is given the opportunity to get an early start to begin and continue school.

Our Story

At FFYB we operate on the principle that all children and their families deserve opportunities that will enable them to succeed, irrespective of their geographical location and economic status. We seek to strengthen families in all of our activities and increase those protective factors that help children thrive. We work in Ghana, Liberia and the United States.


Support Early Childhood Education

FIRST FIVE YEARS & BEYOND is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to given children in underserved communities an early start to education. Less than 12% of African poor children have access to Early Childhood education services. There is a great need for programs serving children from birth through 3 years old. Most Education For All plans in Africa focuses on children ages 3 until the age of enrollment in primary school. Programs lack the training, tools and material to provide adequate care and education.  FFYB will work to expand programs for this neglected population and support programs lacking training, tools and materials necessary to provide adequate care and education to improve the learning conditions of underprivileged children.

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